Project Engineer jobs in qatar 2024

January 28, 2024
Application deadline closed.
Deadline date:
Application deadline closed.
$2500 - $2550 / month

Job Description

Project Engineer jobs in qatar 2024

Job description Project Engineer jobs in qatar 2024

Project Engineer jobs in qatar 2024

Key Responsibilities: –

  • Project Excellence –
  • Timely completion of allocated tasks. –
  • Oversee and direct construction projects from conception to completion. –
  • Review the project in-depth to schedule deliverables and estimate costs. –
  • Oversee all onsite and offsite construction to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations. –
  • Coordinate and direct construction workers and subcontractors. –
  • Select tools, materials and equipment and track inventory. –
  • Meet contractual conditions and performance. –

Review the work progress on daily basis. –

  • Prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status. –
  • Plan ahead to prevent problems and resolve any emerging ones. –
  • Negotiate terms of agreements, draft contracts and obtain permits and licenses. –

Analyze, manage and mitigate risks. –

  • Ensure quality construction standards and the use of proper construction techniques. –
  • Preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the project team. –
  • Undertake cost analysis for repair and maintenance project work. –
  • Perform risk, value management and cost control. –
  • Advising on procurement strategy the project. –
  • Prepare presentation of 3D designs for brands. –
  • Prepare and analyze costing for tenders. –

Provide advice on contractual claims. –

  • Analyze outcomes and writing detailed progress reports. –
  • Maintain awareness of the different building contracts in current use. –

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